THE AWESOME ALTERNATIVE TO AFTER SCHOOL CARE (for Grades 1 to 7)                   


Started in February of 2002, our After School Karate Program is an awesome alternative to after school care that provides your child with so much more for their future.  Although our After School Karate Program is an alternative to after school care, it is not child care.  It is an awesome alternative to after school care that occupies your child's after school time with positive and constructive learning.  It is a single focus premium karate program centering on the teaching and learning of the fundamental principals of traditional Japanese karate.  The After School Karate classes will provide your child with all of the benefits of training in martial arts including improved self esteem, improved self confidence, improved focus and concentration, improved self discipline, respect, self defense and so much more.  Parents of students in our programs typically comment on the improvement in their child's focus and concentration, self confidence, school grades and overall behaviour within a few short months of starting their karate training. 

Children can either be picked up from schools in the Cloverdale and Clayton area by one of our three karate school buses or they can be dropped off at our karate school right after their regular school day.  Once at the karate school, students in the After School Karate class have time to change into their karate uniforms, prepare for their karate class and have a snack should they have one with them.  Each day, with the exception of Fridays, the After School Karate class students will get a 40 to 45 minute karate class.  There are two karate classes each day; one for grades 1-3 and one for grades 4-7.  When class is over the students get changed back into their normal clothes and those who’s rides have not yet arrived are encouraged to read, study karate terminology (Japanese karate words) or start on their homework until they are picked up by their rides.  On Fridays the After School Karate class students have discussions on dojo etiquette (acceptable behaviour in the karate school), the Dojo Rules (code of behaviour for karate students) and karate terminology (Japanese language) followed by a movie projected on our giant wall screen.


GRADES 1-3 (click on the pic to see larger version)

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SCHOOLS WE PICK UP FROM As an added service to our students in the After School Karate Classes our three karate school buses presently pick up in from most schools in the Cloverdale area.  Some of the schools that we are currently available to pick up from are:

Additional schools will be considered.  Registration in the After School Karate Program is limited.  To improve safety through consistency in our routes and pick up times, only Full Time enrollment (four or five days a week) is accepted in our After School Karate Program. 

OUR BUSES: All three of our buses are part of the National Safety Code Program and are safety inspected by government licensed commercial vehicle inspectors (CVI) every six months.  All of our buses are fully equipped with seat belts for each seat.  All passengers on our buses are required to have their seat belts properly fastened at all times while seated on our buses.  No standees are permitted.

OUR DRIVERS: Our buses are driven by a small select group of drivers that include current transit drivers and myself (a retired police officer).  All of our drivers provide us with a certified abstract of their driving record and pass a police records check annually.  All of our drivers have a minimum of a Class 4 Unrestricted BC Drivers License. Talk about safety!

MORE INFO: After School Karate Classes are over by 4:05 pm and 4:50pm so parents should plan to pick up accordingly.  Pick up times should be between 4:30 and 5:00pm but earlier pickups can be arranged.  The After School Karate class students also have other karate related educational activities on some days that include; basic Japanese language, karate history, personal safety (self defense), how to deal with bullying and more.

Included in our After School Karate Program is our Karate Development Days or K-D-Days (Pro-D-Day Karate Camps), early dismissals and one free uniform each school year.  Our After School Karate Program runs right into our Spring Break Karate Day Camps.  After School Karate Program students may also be eligible to train in our Evening Classes during July and August for no additional fees.  Children in our After School Program can also join our Kumite League and attend our Summer Karate Skills Camp.   Our K-D Days (Pro D Day Camps) run from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 

If you are interested in having your child derive all the benefits from training in traditional karate and you want to fill that regular after school care time between end of school and dinner with a positive experience then please consider our After School Karate Program.  We provide so much more for your child's future.

This program is limited in enrollment.

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