Bill (William) Courtney Shirley

July 04, 1961 - December 22, 2010

Bill Shirley, shodan (first degree black belt) in Yoshukai International Karate.  Bill trained in karate for over twenty years, starting his training in the Maritimes.  Bill moved west to British Columbia where he started with our school in 1994/95.  He was a welcomed addition to our school.  Bill helped with classes and was a mentor to many.  He was one of the first students in our school to be promoted to black belt.  Bill was an integral part of the growth and development of our school.  His practical outlook in life came shining through in his fighting ability.  When Bill was on the floor fighting with another karate student he was always looking to find a way to help them improve, to teach them.

Bill will be greatly missed by all members of our school.




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If you wish to convey your condolences to his wife or post your thoughts/stories on this page please e-mail us at  YoshukaiKarate@hotmail.com .

"My deepest sympathies to his family and friends."  Mr. Bob Hughes, 6th dan Yoshukai, Tampa, Fl.    

"Such sad news. Our thoughts are with him and his family."   Stu, Trina, Brett and Jenna D., Langley, BC.

"So sorry to hear this news. Our thoughts are with Mr. Shirley's family and all of you in this difficult time."  Perry, Sherry and Matthew F, Surrey, BC.

"We are so sorry to hear this terrible news, we will be thinking about his family during the Christmas season. He will be missed." Robert, Beata, Daniel and Martin J., Surrey, BC.

"It truly is sad to lose a friend in this manner, Cancer is a horrible disease that has no boundaries.  If you can; please give our sympathies to the family and that our thoughts are with them."   Sincerely Dianne & Jerrod T., Surrey, BC.
My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Bill.  I first met Bill when I graduated from the RCMP academy in Regina, my first posting was Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  I decided to open a karate school in the area and get involved with the youths in my new community.  It is how Bill and I met.  I found him to be  very motivated and eager to learn the Shotokan style.  Bill was already involved with the local Chito Ryu dojo at the time.  He would come and train at my dojo on occasions and sometimes drop in at my residence just to say hi ! A real gentleman.
I wish also to extend my sympathies to the Yoshukai Karate Dojo Members, Bill will be missed I am sure  by all of you.  
Mario Ross, 6th Dan




One time at the karate school, just after a sparring class ended, a young student came up to me and asked who is that man, motioning to Bill, and then asked "how come his arms are so long?"  I realized that this student had just been at the end of Bill's punches a number of times....the Long Arm of Bill!   (Shelley Hepburn, Surrey, BC.)



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