KIDS KARATE PROGRAM   (children aged 9 & 10 years old)

The emphasis in this program is on respect, attitude, effort, positive attitude and manners while learning the basic techniques of karate.  Students in this program practice sparring in class on a much more regular basis than the students in the Tiny Tigers Program.  The safety equipment required by the provincial karate association is used in this program.  Students improve their self esteem, self confidence, focus, concentration, and manners.  Parents of students in our programs typically comment on the improvement in their child's focus and concentration, self confidence, school grades and overall behaviour within a few short months of starting their karate training. 

Kids Karate Classes are held year round, up to four times a week for beginners and up to five times a week for coloured belts.  We  require a commitment from students to attend a minimum average of two classes per week to keep their learning curve on a steady upward progression.  Students in this program may attend as many of the four or five classes per week that they wish.  Kids Karate classes are Monday through Thursday from 6:30pm to 7:15pm.  Friday nights, for those who are yellow belt with two stripes or higher in rank, there is a sparring league

The enrolment in the Kids Karate Program is limited to a maximum of twelve new students four times a year (July/Oct./Jan./April).  There is an overall cap in this program.  Pre-registration is a must.  Check out our next start dates and availability at  Register here.

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