Pro-D Day Karate Camps, or as we call them, Karate Development Days, allow our current students to take advantage of a day off from regular school to improve their karate skills and knowledge.

Our doors open at 8:00am and the first karate class gets underway at 9:30am.

There are several karate classes, lunch, breaks, a movie and some activities related to karate (e.g. origami, karate stories, chess, etc.)

The last class is over by 4:15pm and all the children must be picked up between 4:30 and 5:00pm.  Earlier pick ups are permitted.

Children should bring a change of clothes and perhaps a school book to read.  Optional items include a blanket and a pillow for Movie Time.

No lunches, snacks or beverages are provided by our school.  The children must bring their own and they must be NUT FREE.

Pro D Day Camps are open to all Tiny Tigers (7-8 yrs old) and Kids Karate (9-10 yrs old) from our Dojo and Aldergrove.

Cost is $40.00 per student per day.



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