EVENING PROGRAMS  MONTH BY MONTH **   YEARLY (times 12 payments)***
(Tiny Tigers, Kids Karate, Juniors & Adults)  Monthly (GST included)   Yearly  (GST included) 
One Immediate Family Member  $                         180.00  $                                  139.00
Two Immediate Family Members *  $                        305.00  $                                  235.00
Three or more Immediate Family Members *  $                        410.00  $                                  310.00
MINI MIGHTS   GST included
One Semester (approx. 3 months)    $                     99.00 per semester
         Rate per month         (GST included)   
One Sibling  $                         449.00  10 months (or until June 30) 
Two Siblings *  $                         785.00  10 months (or until June 30) 
Three Siblings *  $                      1,125.00  10 months (or until June 30) 

*     FAMILY RATES apply only to immediate family members.

**   MONTH BY MONTH (pay as you go) rates are payable before the first day of each month that the student trains in.

*** YEARLY rates are available when the student and/or parent(s) pay for a full year in advance or provide, in advance, twelve equal payments via monthly post dated cheques payable for the first day of each of twelve consecutive months.  We do not charge interest on these twelve equal payments.  If a student permanently leaves the dojo (school) and they provide us with one month's written notice before the first day of the month of notice, then any unused cheques for that student will be set aside for pick up or shredded.  Vacations, etc. do not preclude a student from having to make their monthly payment at this rate.  We DO NOT use contracts.