Welcome to the Yoshukai International Karate School on the Surrey/Langley border in British Columbia, Canada.  As either a potential new student, or the parent of a potential new student, you undoubtedly have a number of questions about our karate school.  The purpose of this webpage is to try to answer some of those questions and to give you an idea what your first few months in the karate school will be like.  If you have any questions please contact us at the school or drop by sometime when we are open.  Our friendly staff would be more than happy to help you out.



First some background on the Yoshukai International Karate Association.   The Yoshukai International Karate Association is under the direction of the Yoshukai International Karate World Chief Instructor, Sensei Mike Foster, 9th degree.  The Yoshukai International Karate Association has schools or dojos in six countries; U.S.A., Germany, Puerto Rico, Latvia, South Africa and Canada.


Sensei Foster received his 6th dan (degree) black belt over forty years ago from Chito-Ryu Grand Master, Dr. Chitose (10th dan) and his 7th dan black belt from Sensei Yamamoto (8th dan) over thirty-five years ago.  Although there are obvious benefits to training in Yoshukai International Karate such as physical fitness, mental fitness, self defense, self discipline and stress reduction, we believe that the true objective of karate is to allow us a tool to develop our characters and to help us become better people.

                                                                                                                                                          Sensei Mike Foster, 9th dan                                                                                                                                                                                                               World Chief Instructor          

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Yoshukai Int'l. Karate  


There currently are two locations for Yoshukai International Karate in Canada, both located in BC; our main dojo in its full time location in Surrey (Cloverdale) with an additional dojo in the Aldergrove Kinsmen Community Centre.  The Surrey location runs up to 42 classes per week over five days and the Aldergrove location runs six classes per week over two days.


Did you know that anyone can purchase a black belt and print up certificates making them whatever degree of black belt that they want to be, regardless of their training or lack thereof.  They could then open a school and even join the Better Business Bureau.  How could you as a potential new student, or parent of a new student, tell the difference between a good school and a bad school?  All of the fancy equipment in the world will not make a school a good one for you or your child.  Being members of certain associations does not guarantee that a school will be a good one.  It is not the style or art that is practiced at a school that makes it a good one.  It is the quality of the instruction.  One would expect the instructor to be somewhat of an expert in their art and so how would you as a novice to the martial arts expect to be able to judge the instructor’s level of competence?  Unfortunately, there are some people teaching martial arts that are not competent enough to be doing so.  To the novice they may appear to be competent but what would the novice actually be basing their opinion on?


Our black belt certification flows from our lineage; Our Dojo Chief Instructor Sensei Hepburn (6th degree), his teacher Sensei Mike Foster (9th degree), Sensei Foster's teacher, Sensei Mamoru Yamamoto (10th degree) and his teacher, the founder of Chito-Ryu Karate, Sensei Tsuyoshi Chitose (O'Sensei)(10th degree).  All of this lineage is traceable through legitimate certificates.

O'Sensei - Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose (10th degree)

(1898 - 1984)

Sensei Mamoru Yamamoto (10th degree)

Sensei Mike Foster (9th degree)    

Sensei Mark Hepburn (6th degree)

Even legitimate certification does not mean that a school is a good school with quality and safe instruction.  Our school endeavours to provide professional, qualified and safe instruction for you and/or your child.  We do this by providing our instructors with coaching courses, first aid courses and constant feedback on instructional techniques.  All of our instructors are students as well.  Lastly, our instructors pass a criminal records check.



The Yoshukai International Karate School in Cloverdale is very community oriented.  We believe that karate is a tool that enables us to improve ourselves.  As we become better people it stands to reason that our community should also improve.  The Yoshukai International Karate School started out in September of 1993 in Fernridge Hall located at 24th and 200th in South Langley.  In the Spring of 1995 our school was invited into and moved to H.D. Stafford Secondary School on Grade Crescent in Langley City.  On May 01, 2000 our school moved into a full time location at #107 - 19232 Enterprise Way, on the Surrey/Langley border and in June of 2007 our school moved down the road a few short blocks to our own full time facility located at 101-19045-54 Avenue, Surrey.   


There are a number of programs that our school has organized and/or hosted over the years in our efforts to improve our community.  The Yoshukai International Karate School organized, hosted and participated in the Vancouver area’s “Budo For Food” for three years.  Vancouver’s Budo For Food was a showcase of martial arts demonstrations that were put on by a variety of martial arts schools.  Spectators were charged an admission price of one or more non-perishable items for the Food Bank.  After moving to H.D. Stafford Secondary School in the spring of 1995 the Yoshukai International Karate School formed a strong partnership with the school.   The H.D. Stafford graduating students of 1997/98 were the first to benefit from annual scholarships donated by our karate school.  The funds were raised by our Adult Class, with some assistance from our Juniors, through a Break-a-thon that was held once a year.  Each student obtained pledges to sponsor the breaking of boards, concrete, bricks and other materials and then the fun began.  The Break-a-thon evolved into a show for parents and other spectators.  Starting in 2008 our school adopted one family through the Surrey Christmas Bureau.  Since 2010 and each year aftewards our school adopted two families.  The fund raising for these adoptions is done at our annual Christmas Dinner and Dance.  The Yoshukai International Karate School also provided numerous seminars on Women’s Personal Safety to a variety of groups throughout British Columbia in years past.


What all this means to a new student can seem to be quite transparent in the beginning of one's karate practice. Although many karate schools look similar to the uninitiated, there can be a profound difference in quality of instruction and opportunities available to the student.  Our students may, if they wish, compete in our own tournaments, some other tournaments in BC, some Karate BC tournaments, and several tournaments in Washington, Oregon and California.  Numerous clinics and seminars with senior instructors are available to our students.  Our students can also train with Sensei Foster or any of his senior staff in Florida at Yoshukai's annual international training.





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