Who is eligible to join the League?

Kumite League is for any coloured belt in our dojo (yellow belt with two stripes or higher in rank are all eligible).

How long does the season run?

Starting the Fall of 2015 Kumite League will now run only one season each school year.  The new season will be longer than any previous individual season but shorter than the two previous seasons combined.  The season starts in end of September or early October and finishes at the start of March.  There are approximately sixteen Kumite League nights in a season plus the year ending Awards Banquet.

How much does it cost?

It costs $75.00 for the entire season. This includes the season ending Awards Dinner.

How much of a commitment is expected of a student who joins the league?

Students in the league are on a team. When a student does not show up their team loses points each match that they are missing putting their team at a disadvantage for all of the team's matches on the night that the student is not there. Students let down their team mates when they do not show up. That said, everyone understands that students will be sick or have to attend other important events on Friday nights. However, students in the league should not miss a Friday night for such things as a sleep over, dance, outings with friends, etc. Students in the league should treat their Friday night league participation as they would any other sport team on game days. A good rule of thumb is that students signing up for the league should commit to a minimum of an 80% attendance for Friday nights. If a student cannot make this commitment then they should not sign up.  Amongst other things, this is a lesson in commitment.

How does the League work?

Student are on teams. We make up the teams for the Tiny Tigers and the Kids Karate/Juniors combined.  Students are in a specific position on their team roster based on skill level, belt level, age and size. They are only matched up with students in the same roster position on the other teams. The intent is to try to make all matches as fair as possible. Students are not matched up with others who have much greater skills or ability.

Are there a lot of injuries?

There are very few injuries and to date, in over fifteen years of Kumite League, the injuries have all been extremely minor.  No head contact is permitted.  We strive to keep this league as safe as possible and are always working towards our already great safety record.  We have modified the rules used by the provincial and national karate associations to a safer version for our dojo to continue to improve our already great safety record.

What equipment does a student need to participate?

All Students need sparring gloves and a mouthpiece.  Boys need a groin protector.  All of these items are available at the dojo for prices below retail. Any other equipment is provided by the dojo.

How will participation in this league benefit my child?

Some benefits are:

Sense of accomplishment

Proper conduct and behaviour (sportsmanship)

Importance of individual contribution to a team

Commitment (to their team)

Development of spirit

Sense of fair play

Dealing maturely with successes and failures (winning and losing)

Develop and execute strategies

Camaraderie, working with others

Leadership and mentorship skills

Self confidence


Self control

Self discipline

Competition protocol

Gratitude (for all the volunteers who help them out as well as their families that support them)

Itís fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putting the skills that they learn in class to a more stringent test each Friday improves the childís karate ability and increases their motivation to train harder in class. It allows the students to put their karate to a practical test in a controlled and safe environment, eliminating any desires to test their karate in an inappropriate environment (e.g. school yard, street corner, etc.).

All of the students from our dojo who won at tournaments have participated in our Kumite Leagues.


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